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Jayne Bullen

Jayne believes research in healthcare needs better funding and strong minds. Since joining in 2015, she has grown The Noakes Foundation into one of the key research funders in South Africa, an entity that is changing the way the nation eats.

As the Chief Operating Officer of The Noakes Foundation, she established Eat Better South Africa alongside inspiring colleagues and Prof Noakes. Most recently she was appointed as Managing Director of the Nutrition Network, where she has taken the lead in the process and creation of this educational and networking platform founded by The Noakes Foundation in partnership with an esteemed team of doctors and scientists.

After realizing the dichotomy between brand research budgets and human health research, she decided to leave the corporate research world and took the leap into medical and biological research to bring her experience in big biz research into new areas to affect change to human health.

Jayne is an MBA, High Dip in Marketing and International Relations, graduate. She began her career taking products into Africa and researching local markets in the West and East African block and later moved to the UK to read for an MBA at Leeds University, later conducting Pan European media research and strategy evaluation. She is also a Movement Medicine Teacher, a Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner and a mom.

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