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Sybille Kraft Bellamy 


Nutritional Therapies, Ketogenic diets for First Line of Treatment for Angelman Syndrome: Sybille Kraft Bellamy

Maxent is 17 years old and has Angelman Syndrome a neuro genetic disorder. He was on oxygen support his first 6 month of life, coded 2 times and was hospitalized over 20 times his first 18 months of life. Finally he was put on therapeutic diets (LGIT/MCT) Low Glycemic Index/Medium chain triglyceride and later in a 3.1 ratio/MCT. His general health improved quickly and the whole family enjoyed a new way of eating full of pleasure and nutritional power.


Ketogenic diets became the unique powerful tool to increase Max’s chances to be free of seizures, enjoy a good night of sleep and grow strong and zen.


Today SKB wants to share our journey and how she avoided most of the difficult and dangerous aspects of Angelman syndrome.


Sybille Kraft Bellamy
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Sybille Kraft Bellamy is the mother of 3 boys, she was born and raised in France and lived in US for over 20 years. With her son’s medical diagnosis she decided to follow her natural instinct by helping him through nutrition. Her cultural background was enough to start a healthy and successful diet that brought immediate results that Max needed. This success prompted her to​ obtain multiples credits in Nutrition, ADHD, brain addictions and epigenetics. ​She learned and developed the most appropriate and complete therapeutic nutrition regime for Max and today he is thriving.


In addition to her classes she has been attending global symposiums that present the latest research and developments of therapeutic ketogenic diets.

Recently, she returned to France and created the bilingual ( English/ French) association ”Connection Cetogenes” a ketogenic network to inform, train and support patients, their family and the medical and scientific community.

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