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Dr Zsófia Clemens

Dr Zsófia Clemens

I am a neurobiologist and clinical researcher specialized in nutrition, nutritional therapy and brain research. Previously I have been affiliated with the National Institute of Clinical Neuroscience, Budapest and the Neurological Department, University of Pécs, Hungary and have been involved in research related to epilepsy and sleep, elecroencephalograpy, vitamin D and brain MRI. Currently I am the leader of the Paleomedicina Hungary research group. Since 2013 we have been using the paleolithic ketogenic diet exclusively in our clinical practice.


The method we developed appears to have superior effectiveness to standard medical therapies used thus far. In most cases our patients are not just "treated" but cured if strictly adhering to the principles of our method. Besides patient management we are involved in publishing our results.

Not all patients are motivated enough to follow a strict diet which seems to be at odds with both the official and "alternative" medicine recommendations. However, those who follow our dietary and medical guidence, are to expect a major improvement in their condition, a complete cure in most cases. We distance ourselves from naturopathic methods. Our work has a wholly scientific basis.

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Our work conforms major criteria of science:

replicability, cognizability and biological plausibility.


In international academic journals, I have published 40 research articles with more than 1100 citations.

H index: 15

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