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Georgia Ede, M.D.

Georgia Ede M.D. is a Harvard-trained psychiatrist specializing in nutrition and college mental health and was the first psychiatrist at Harvard University Health Services to offer nutrition consultation as an alternative to medication management.


Dr Ede speaks internationally on a wide range of topics, including Alzheimer’s prevention, the nutritional differences between plant and animal foods, and dietary strategies to optimize brain health. She writes about food and the brain for and about all aspects of food and health on her own website 

Georgia Ede, M.D.



  1. M.D., Alpha Omega Alpha, University of Vermont College of Medicine, Burlington, VT


1986                   B.A., Biology, cum laude, Carleton College, Northfield, MN




1998-2002          Adult Psychiatry Residency, The Cambridge Hospital, Cambridge, MA




2000-present     Certificate of Full Licensure, Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine


2004-present     Board Certification, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology




Jul 2001 -          Clinical Psychiatry Fellow, Harvard University Health Service, Cambridge, MA

Jun 2002           As a PGY-IV resident-in-training (10 hrs per week), provided psychiatric evaluation and care for university students, faculty, and staff in an on-campus, outpatient health care center.  Actively participated in weekly didactic sessions and university community outreach activities.       




Jul 2001-           Resident Instructor in Psychopharmacology, Harvard Medical School,

May 2002           Cambridge, MA

                           Taught weekly psychopharmacology course to 4th-year medical students.


Jul 2001-           Psychopharmacology Team Resident, Cambridge Hospital, Cambridge, MA

May 2002           Conducted psychopharmacology assessments and provided ongoing medication management services for a diverse population of patients in a busy outpatient clinic (4-8 hours per week). Presented case studies to weekly meeting of senior clinicians.




May 2011-         Nutrition Science Speaker

present              Research, design and deliver nutrition science presentations nationally and internationally for events ranging from small community gatherings to 1,000-attendee conferences for the general public, specialty physician groups, and scientific and educational organizations. Address a variety of topics, including dementia prevention, the nutritional differences between plant and animal foods, and dietary strategies to optimize brain health.


Sep 2012-          Founder of

present              Sole author and owner of nutrition science website focused on the intersection between food and all aspects of mental and physical health, which receives 100K+ visits per month.


Jul 2016-           Author for

present              Contribute three original articles per quarter to this popular online platform that reaches 30M readers per month. Write pieces dedicated to nutrition science and mental health which, as of August 2018, have received more than 2.3M views. Many posts have been ranked number one in popularity on the site from several days to as long as two consecutive weeks.


Aug 2013-          Staff Psychiatrist, Smith College Health Service, Northampton, MA

May 2018           Provided psychiatric and nutrition consultation services to students. Taught MSW interns. Triaged psychopharmacology referrals. Represented the counseling service and advocated for students with mental health challenges at administrative meetings. Coordinated care of complex cases with medical staff, residential life staff, academic deans, and student affairs leadership. Participated in outreach activities to educate the college community about campus mental health issues. Lectured about nutrition and mental health in undergraduate courses and on the campus at large.


Apr 2007-          Staff Psychiatrist, Harvard University Health Services, Cambridge, MA

Jul 2013             Provided psychiatric and nutrition consultation services to students, faculty and staff. Participated in outreach activities to educate university community about campus mental health issues. Provided nutrition consultations to patients interested in non-medication approaches to mental health problems.


Mar 2008-          Private Practice Psychiatrist, Cambridge, MA

Jul 2013             Operated a general adult psychiatry practice providing psychopharmacology, psychotherapy, and nutrition-based approaches for patients with a wide variety of psychiatric concerns.


Jun 2008-          Staff Psychopharmacologist and Nutrition Consultant

Aug 2010           The Hallowell Center, Needham, MA

Conducted psychopharmacology and nutrition evaluations for adults with attention-related disorders and provided ongoing medication management services. 


Jul 2002-           Private Practice Psychiatrist, East Falmouth, MA

Aug 2007           Established a full-time general adult outpatient psychiatry practice providing psychopharmacology and psychotherapy services to the community. Developed a large patient base of approximately 250 active patients. Employed an office manager and a third-party billing specialist. Created, successfully marketed, and implemented a novel psychiatric consultation service to increase the availability of psychiatric services to area patients by offering single 90-minute diagnostic sessions and thorough written evaluations designed to educate patients and their physicians about psychiatric conditions and provide anticipatory guidance in the management of psychiatric medications.


Jul 2002-           Psychopharmacologist, Cape Cod Human Services, East Falmouth, MA

Aug 2006           As an independent contractor (10-20 hrs per week), provided psychiatric evaluations and medication management services to primarily low-income and uninsured people with complex psychiatric, social and medical issues. 


Jul 2002-           Consultation-Liaison Psychiatrist, Falmouth Hospital, Falmouth, MA

May 2004           Served as on-call psychiatrist two nights per week at the local community hospital. Conducted on-site, independent psychiatric evaluations of emergency room patients, medical inpatients, and ICU patients. Generated treatment and disposition plans for 3-5 patients per evening.


Jul 2001-           On-Call Psychiatrist, Choate Emergency Services, Lowell, MA

May2002            As a PGY-IV, provided medical telephone back-up support (1-2 overnight shifts per week) for a busy crisis service staffed by psychiatric nurses and clinical social workers.


Jul 1999-           Moonlighting Coordinator, Cambridge Hospital, Cambridge, MA

May 2002           Trained, managed, and scheduled pool of PGY-II through PGY-IV residents responsible for providing night, weekend, and emergency coverage for all psychiatric sites in the system, including adult, child, and adolescent psychiatric inpatient units, medical inpatient units, and psychiatric/medical emergency rooms at Cambridge Hospital and Somerville Hospital.




Ede, G. Histamine intolerance: why freshness matters. J Evol Health. 2017;2(1):11. doi:  10.15310/2334-3591.1054.


Ziegler AG, Baumgartl HJ, Ede G, Held M, Vogt HJ, Kolb HJ, Standl E. Low-pigment skin type and predisposition for development of type I diabetes. Diabetes Care. 1990 May;13(5):529-531. PMID: 2351032.


Tymoczko JL, Ahern S, Unger AL, Colby JL, Ede G. Identification of a protein from rat liver cytosol that enhances activation of the glucocorticoid receptor. Biochem J. 1988 Nov 15;256(1):47-52. PMID: 3223910.




Mar 2, 2018       Our Descent into Madness: Modern Diets and the Global Mental Health Crisis

Low Carb Breckenridge, Breckenridge, CO


Aug 4, 2017       Preventing Alzheimer’s Is Easier than You Think

LowCarbUSA San Diego, San Diego, CA


Jan 20, 2017      WHO Says Meat Causes Cancer?

Physicians for Ancestral Health annual retreat, Miami, FL


Apr 5, 2016        Hormonal Harmony: Restoring Chemical Balance through Diet

Smith College, Northampton, MA


Jan 22, 2016      Mood and Memory: How Sugar Affects Brain Chemistry

Physicians for Ancestral Health annual meeting, Scottsdale, AZ


May 5, 2014      Starvation, Ketosis, Sugar and Gluten: Macronutrients and Mental Health

American Psychiatric Association annual meeting, New York, NY


Mar 10, 2014     The Potential Role of Diet in the Rise of Mental Health Problems among College Students Northeast College Counseling Center Directors’ Conference. Yale University, New Haven, CT


Aug 10, 2012     Little Shop of Horrors? The Risks and Benefits of Eating Vegetables

                           Ancestral Health Symposium, Harvard Law School, Cambridge MA


Oct 28, 2010      Food for Thought:  Nutrition and Mental Health

                           Harvard University Health Services Grand Rounds, Cambridge, MA


Jun 8, 2010       Food for Thought: Managing the Symptoms of ADHD with Nutrition

                           The Hallowell Center, Needham, MA


May 29, 2010    Mystery Syndromes: A Nutritional Approach

The 27th Women in Medicine Conference, Lake Tahoe, CA

June 2019 - Die beiden Talks aus Bergün! 1st Keto Live Conference in Switzerland





2018-present     Public Health Collaboration USA, Board of Directors

2018-present     Low-Carbohydrate Intervention Standard of Care Initiative, Board of Advisors

2012-present     Physicians for Ancestral Health

1997-present     Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society

2008-2009          Neuroscience Education Institute

2008-2009         New England Eating Disorders Research Collaborative




1997-1998          Bioassay Analyst, Genetics Institute, Andover, MA

Performed biochemical assays to determine potency of Interleukin-12 product.


1990-1993          Research Support Specialist, SUNY Stony Brook, Stony Brook, NY

Conducted a variety of advanced porcine assays in a wound repair research laboratory.


1989-1990          Chief Research Assistant, Institut für Diabetesforschung (Institute for Diabetes Research), Munich, Germany

Assisted in the organization of a nationwide screening program in newly-established diabetes research laboratory. Conducted a variety of screening assays and trained local technicians.


1987-1989          Research Technician, Joslin Diabetes Center, Boston, MA

Conducted mouse islet cell transplants and transgenic mouse analyses.


1986-1987          Research Technician, Carleton College Biology Department, Northfield, MN

Performed biochemical assays designed to study the mammalian glucocorticoid receptor.

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