Due to the new COVID-19 travel and meeting restrictions, we have been forced to cancel the

CME /CPD certified

European Keto Live Conference 2020 in Burghausen Bavaria
"Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies - Escape Route from the COVID-19 Risk Group"

We believe in the multiple benefits of live Events - while it seems easy to attend a 3-day Conference, meeting people, new and old friends exchanging ideas and news - it is almost impossible to follow all lectures at a 3-day Livestream Conference.

We decided to change the lost opportunity to meet and connect into a chance to watch, learn and collect CME/CPD Credits at your own pace. We are now creating for you the

1st Keto Live E-Learning Conference 2020/21

We will record all the lectures of the original Conference program plus some additional lectures by specialists outside of Europe since we don't have to follow any time and travel restrictions in the E- Learning format.

After editing and completing with a CME Test-Questionnaire provided by the speakers the conference, has again to undergo the CME/CPD certification process by the different associations - which could take some time – but we hope to go online in December 2020.

Everyone who previously booked a LIVE ON-SITE ticket will automatically receive the VIRTUAL E- LEARNING version which will include

  1. Accreditation by personal Online Registration

  2. certified Bonus lectures

  3. CME/CPD Test-Questionnaire and validation

  4. Keto Live will e-mail all E-learning CME/ CPD certificates as PDF

  5. Your registration, your access to the E-Learning Lectures/Modules and the possibility to

    collect Credits will be valid till January 2022.

It is the responsibility of the attendee to adhere to the CME /CPD requirements of his/her licensing board and to ensure these credits will be approved, before registering for the conference. Keto Live Project cannot provide this information too attendees. Keto Live Project does not work directly with any specific boards.

Please view our cancellation policies.

For further questions, please call or contact us via E-Mail: ketoliveproject@gmail.com