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Conference Gallery 2019


Day 1  -  Neurology     

10th of June 2019 - Day one of the 1st Keto-Live Conference in Switzerland.

16:00 - Dr. John Schoonbee Opening Lecture

            "We have to Rethink"


Neurology Part 1 - "If Nothing els Works"

Nearly 100 years of KD in the treatment of Epilepsy

17:00 - Michel Lundell, "Not only in Children - My Story"

18:00 - Sybille Kraft Bellamy France / USA

"Nutritional Therapies, Ketogenic Diets for First Line Treatment for Angelman Syndrome"

19:00 - Welcome Get Together

20:00 - Traditional Swiss Raclette in Historic Kitchen, Invitation by the Kurhaus Bergün