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1st Keto Live E-Learning Conference

"Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies Escape Route from the COVID-19 Risk Group"

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1st Keto Live E-Learning Conference
1st Keto Live E-Learning Conference

Time & Location

Available online Feb. 2021 - Feb. 2025

Online 24/7 CME-Certified / lectures

About the Event

1st Keto Live E-Learning Conference from Burghausen, Germany 

A Conference on Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies as a powerful medical tool

Part I - Conference Language English 50 CME Credits = 50 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™

Part II - Conference Language German 22 CME Credits =50 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™

Certified and awarded by BLÄK 2021 - 2025 


A Pandemic on top of the Pandemic 

A Tsunami of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) such as type two diabetes, obesity, hypertension and cardiovascular disease is threatening not only our lives, but also the health and happiness of our children, families, and friends. These metabolic conditions were already placing a tremendous financial burden on our healthcare system and society well before the COVID-19 pandemic descended upon us. However, the pandemic served to dramatically expose the profound weaknesses in our personal and societal immune systems. Indeed, we have learned that it is the very same people who suffer from metabolic NCDs who appear to be most susceptible to serious illness and death if infected with this novel virus and therefore comprise the majority (more than 90%) of the

“COVID-19 Risk Group.”

The Keto Live® Project is dedicated to stemming the tide of chronic NCDs. Keto Live seeks to build awareness and understanding of where our nutrition guidelines went wrong and how those guidelines contributed to and continue to worsen the dire predicament in which we find ourselves today.

COVID-19 forced us, due to travel and meeting restrictions to change the Europen Keto Live Conference 2020

into the

1st Keto Live® E-Learning Conference

"Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies - Escape Route from the COVID-19 Risk Group"

We can't afford to wait - it's time to act! NOW!

To prevent further lockdowns of our economies and to make our society more resilient we need a shout out to our Politicians, Healthcare providers and Insurance Companies to stop ignoring the root causes of our vulnerability and finally start to

"Flatten the NCD Curve - to Face Future Viral Attacks"

Experts say that big improvements can be achieved within weeks – but our authorities have to get into brave and long-overdue action - learning and understanding the root cause of our weak immune systems. The Connection between NCD and Insulin Resistance. Why we urgently need to change our Nutrition and Treatment Guidelines. Including taxes and warning labels on sugar and highly processed foods. Changing the foods served in our Hospitals, care homes and schools and whey we need a drastic change in food production and clear subsidization of organic real food and water. And very important the need to educate doctors, medical students, and healthcare professionals, teachers, parents and children about the powers of food - for better or worse - and real food as medicine.

To provide the Information to our appeal, we created the additional.

1st Keto Live® E-Learning Conference

"Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies - Escape Route from the COVID-19 Risk Group?"

Keto Live again invited leading physicians, scientists, dietitians and practitioners to present and discuss the latest science on the Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies as a powerful medical tool in the fight against Non-Communicable Disease (NCD).


The Conference is split in two - Part I and Part II

Part I - Main Conference

Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies - Escape Route from the COVID-19 Risk Group?

  • "Call to action to Politicians, Healthcare Authorities, Doctors, Medical Professionals, Dietitians...
  • Introducing the "European Keto Live Centre - Information & Training Centre for Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies"
  • Panel with European Keto Live Centre Advisory Board Members - "Flatten the NCD Curve - to Face Further Viral Attacks"
  • Ketogenic Metabolic Therapy Experts, Scientists, and Doctors lecturing and discussing on how to successfully Prevent and Treat NCD to "Escape from the COVID-19 Risk Group"
  • Certified with CME/CPD Credits - please check our updates on the new certification for the     E-Learning Conference.
  • Part I of the Conference can be booked separately or at a reduced price together with Part II

Conference language Part I is English

Part II - Conference language German

Ketogene Metabolische Therapie - Fluchtweg aus der COVID-19 Risiko Gruppe?

  • In keeping the language problem in mind, our Experts will lecture in German about the five core themes of NCD and how to prevent and treat them in a powerful, natural way - with the oldest medication in the world, unprocessed REAL FOOD
  • Certified with CME/CPD Credits
  • This part of the Conference has to be booked separately or can be booked at a reduced price as the complete Conference


  • E-Learning Part I - English

    Part I (English) Bonus: E-LEARNING Test to collect CME Credits Collect up to 50 CME Credits

    EUR 480.00
    Sale ended
  • E-Learning I & II

    Part I (English) & Part II (German) Bonus: E-LEARNING Test to collect CME/ CPD Credits Collect up to 72 CME Credits

    EUR 530.00
    Sale ended
  • E-Learning Part II - German

    E-Learning - Early Bird Part II (German) Collect up to 22 CME Credits

    EUR 80.00
    Sale ended


EUR 0.00

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