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Prof Dr Ulrike Kämmerer PhD



1991 - 1992      

1992 - 1995


1995 - 1996

since 1996


since 2010

Diploma in Virology


Training and full-time employment as paramedic (EMT-P) in the emergency service of the Red Cross      

Research assistant and PhD thesis, University of Erlangen, Departments of Virology and Cardiology


Postdoc, Dpt. Pathology, University of Tübingen, Germany

Research assistant and independent senior researcher at the Dpt. OB/Gyn, University of Würzburg, Germany


Assistant professor Dpt. OB/Gyn, University of Würzburg

Prof Dr Ulrike Kämmerer PhD, Germany.jpg

Research areas

Reproductive Immunology, Virology,

Tumor metabolism and Nutrition of cancer patients

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