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Prof Dr Säemann



Prof. Dr. Marcus D. Säemann


  1. Personal

Date of Birth:              February 3rd 1971

Place of Birth:             Vienna

Citizenship:                 Austrian


2. Education

  1.                  Training Course Health Care and Hospital Management (Medical Executive Managers), MBA, Danube University Krems

2008-2010                  Fellow in Nephrology, Medical University of Vienna

2002-2008                  Resident in Internal Medicine, Medical University of Vienna

1998-2002                  Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the Institute for Immunology, University of Vienna

1995-1998                  Thesis at the Institute of Immunology “Bacterial Tolerance induction“, (Prof. Dr. G. Zlabinger), University of Vienna

1989-1998                  Study of Human Medicine, University of Vienna

1989                           University-Entrance Diploma (humanistic secondary school G3, Kundmanngasse 1030 Vienna)



3. Training, Academic and Professional Appointments

2017                           Professorship for “Nephrology” at the Sigmund-Freud Private University, Vienna

2016                           Director of the 6th Med Dept, with Nephrology & Dialysis, Wilhelminenhospital Vienna

2011                           Associate Professor of Medicine, Medical University of Vienna

  1. Senior physician at the Department of Internal Medicine III, Clinical Division of Nephrology and Dialysis, Deputy Chief of the Nephrology Ward, Outpatient Clinic, Transplantation Outpatient Department, Intensive Care, Chronic Hemodialysis Clinic. Clinical responsibility for clinical decisions and problem solving for all Clinical Departments of the General Hospital of Vienna

2006                           State doctorate “Bacterial and therapeutic Immunomodulation“ and Venia legendi “Internal Medicine” at the Medical University of Vienna

2. Visiting Scientist, Department of Surgery, University of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA (Prof. D. Sutherland)

2002 Research group leader “Translational Nephrology“, Medical University of Vienna

3. Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the Institute of Immunology, University of Vienna

1994-1998 Research Fellow (Thesis) at the Institute of Immunology, University of Vienna


4. Specifications regarding profession


a. Senior Physician Internal Medicine and Nephrology since 2008

responsible for:

complete renal outpatient setting

renal ward incl. General internal medicine ward

intensive care with acute and interventional nephrology

renal transplant patients

chronic hemodialysis unit

peritoneal dialysis unit


b. Clinical sklills:

Duplex-sonography Kidneys and urogenital tract

Duplex-sonographie AV-Shunts

Kidney Biopsy

Mikroscopic urinary analysis

Pleura-, Lymphozelen-, Aszites-, Perikardpunktion

Heart Ultrasound

Abdomen Ultrasound


Tracheal intubation, non-invasive ventilation

Central venous catheters

Extracorporal therapy: hemodialysis, hemo(dia)filtration, plasmapheresis, immunoadsorption


c. Scientific Group Leader

Since 2002, main focus on „Translational Nephrology and Immunosuppression“ and „Innovative therapeutical strategies“ consisting of 10-15 staff members including Post-Docs, Diploma-/PhD-Students, Doctoral students and medical technologists.


d. Principal Responsibility for International Recommendations and Guidelines

2015                European Best Practice Guidelines for the “Management of patients with diabetes and chronic kideny disease“ (ERA/EDTA)

2013-2014      Recommendations for the Treatment of Post-Transplant Diabetes mellitus (ESOT 2013, Am J Transplant 2014)


e. Organisation of National and International Scientific Meetings (selection)

Austrian Society of Nephrology, Vienna, October, 2014 (Congress President)

German Congress of Nephrology DGfN, Berlin 2014

Austrian Society of Transfusion, Genetics and Transplantation, Tirol, September 2013

Czech-Austrian Meeting on Nephrology, Vienna, December 2012

Austrian Society of Transfusion, Genetics and Transplantation, Rust, September 2012

Symposium: Gender and Nephrology, Vienna, September 2011

Central European Joint Meeting of Immunology, Vienna, December 2010

Secretary of the Austrian Society of Allergology and Immunology (ÖGAI) 2007-2010

Symposium: HIV and Kidney, Vienna, September 2010   

Symposium: Gender and Kidney, Salzburg, October 2010

Austrian Society of Transfusion, Genetics and Transplantation, Villach, October 2010

Austrian Congress of Allergology and Immunology, Salzburg, November 2009

European Congress of Immunology (ECI), Berlin, September 2009

Austrian-German Joint Congress of Nephrology, Vienna, September 2008


f. Organisation of National und International Clinical Studies (

Novel immunosuppressive protocols in renal transplantation:

ELEVATE Study (CRAD001A2429)

Certi-CMV (NCT00828503)

ADHERE (NCT01363752)


Innovative Clinical Studies in New Onset Diabetes after Transplantation (NODAT):

TIP-Trial (NCT00830297)

VINODAT Study (NCT00980356)

GCPD Study (NCT01346254)

SAPT-NODAT Trial (NCT01680185)

ITP-NODAT Trial (NCT01683331)


Innovative Therapeutical Strategies in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease:

BVM-Reg Study (NCT01416753)

EVOLVE Study (NCT00345839)

RASQUAL (EudraCT Nr.: 2012-000250-55)

EPOCH (EudraCT Nr.: 2012-002175-34)


g.  Establishment of novel continuing medical education courses

2014    Founder of Soundsandscience (

2009    Creation of the Nephrology Summer School Mattsee, Salzburg as training

            course for young nephrologists (see

2008    Organization of Symposia focusing on gender aspects in nephrology (Salzburg 2012 and Vienna 2011, 2015).

2006    Establishment of the educational course R.E.N. taking place twice a year (focus: chronic kidney disease and renal transplantation, see http://www.


h. Teaching

  • Establishment of the Bachelor and Master Program of the Core Curriculum implementing and Medical Decision Making at the Sigmund-Freud Private University

  • Nephrology PhD Programs (including lectures: Immunology & Immunity, Endocrinology & Metabolism)

  • Doctoral Program for Organ failure-, replacement and Transplantation (POET)

  • Lecture Internal Medicine (Chronic Kidney Disease, Acid-Base Disorders)

  • Clinical & Bedside Teaching: Clinical Skills

  • Mentorship: GenderFit Program

  • Clinical-Practical Propaedeutics

  • Problem-oriented Learning (POL), Case Study Learning

  • Journal Clubs

  • Doctoral Seminar: Organ transplantationen

  • Specialized seminars (diploma theses, project studies)

  • Nursing practice school

  • PhD-students: n=4, State doctorate: n=2, Theses n= 2, Diploma students of the Curriculum of the Medical University of Vienna n=8.

  • Diploma theses of the Academy of Medical Technologists, Vienna n=4


i. PhD- , Diploma-, and Doctorate Students (2004-2015)

2012-2017      Oliver Domenig: “Defining the Role of the Tissue-Specific Renin-Angiotensin-System” (PhD Program Endocrinology and Metabolism)

2012-2017      Christopher Kaltenecker: “Identifying and manipulating novel axes of the Renin-Angiotensin-System in chronic kidney disease” (PhD Program Endocrinology and Metabolism)

2010-2015      Chantal Kopecky: “The quality of HDL in uremia - novel biomarkers for cardiovascular morbidity and mortality” (PhD Program Immunology)

2009-2014      Marko Poglitsch: “Molecular mechanisms of CMV-mediated host immune evasion”  (PhD Program Immunology)

2010-2011      Felix Lechner: “Treatment of transplant-associated hyperglycemia with oral antidiabetic agents”

2009-2011      Dominik Döller:“Transplant-associated hyperglycemia: a cross-sectional study”

2010-2012      Christian Voigt: “New-Onset diabetes after transplantation and HbA1c”

2010-2011      Thomas Schreibmüller: “Uncovering disease mechanisms in transplant-associated hyperglycemia using continuous glucose monitoring”

2011-2013      Peter Sauerzapf: „Thrombotic microangiopathy in renal transplantation: pathophysiology and clinical management at a large transplant institution”

2009-2012      Michael Haidinger: “The role of the mammalian target of rapamycin on human dendritic cell function and differentiation”

2008-2009      Ann-Christin Hille:      “Present Status of the Simultaneous Pancreas-Kidney recipients with type I diabetes at the Medical Univ. of Vienna”

2006-2008      Philipp Steininger: “GSK3-a/b as immunosuppressive target”

2006-2008      Barbara Vodenik: “Inhibition of mTOR prevents the anti-inflammatory action of glucocorticoids”

2004-2006      Marko Poglitsch: “Insights into the molecular mode of malonotrilamides on T-cell activation”  



5. Research Focus

Cardiovascular Focus:

  • Renin-Angiotensin System: Novel diagnostics and therapeutics

  • Diabetic Kidney Disease

  • HDL in Chronic Kidney Disease

  • Post-Transplant Diabetes mellitus (PTDM)

  • Biomarkers in Chronic Kidney Disease

  • Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction in Chronic Kidney Disease

  • Combined Pancreas-Kidney Transplantation             

  • Tuberous Sclerosis

  • Hereditary Amyloidosis


Immunological Focus:

  • Immunosuppression after Organ Transplantation

  • Transplant Immunosuppression

  • Transplant-associated Microangiopathy

  • Transplant Infection


c. Honors and Awards

2017                Prize of the Austrian Diabetes Association (senior author)

2017                Prize of the Austrian Society of Transplantation (senior author)

2014                Prize of the Austrian Society of Nephrology (senior author)

2013                Carl-Ludwig Preis of the German Society of Nephrology

2012                Research award of the Austrian Society of Nephrology  (senior author)

2012                Abstract Prize of the Austrian Society of Nephrology (senior author)

2012                Prize of the Austrian Society of Internal Medicine (senior author)

2012                Biotest Prize of the Austrian Society of Transplantation (senior author)

2012                Award of the Austrian Society of Transplantation (senior author)

2012                Prize of the German Hypertension League (senior author)

2012                Research award of the Austrian Society of Diabetes (senior author)

2011                Biotest Prize of the Austrian Society of Transplantation (senior author)

2011                Prize of the Austrian Society of Nephrology (senior author)

2011                Young Investigator Award of the Austrian Society of Transplantation (senior author)

2011                Abstract Prize of the Austrian Society of Diabetes (senior author)

2011                Karl-Landsteiner Prize of the ÖGAI (senior author)

2010                Young Researcher Award of the Austrian Society of Diabetes (senior author)

2010                ERA/EDTA National Grant (senior author)

2010                Biotest Prize of the Austrian Society of Transplantation (senior author)

2010                Abstract Prize of the Austrian Society of Allergology and Immunology (senior author)

2010                Young Investigator Award of the Austrian Society of Diabetes (senior author)

2009                Sanofi-Aventis Prize (senior author)

2009                Biotest Prize of the Austrian Society of Transplantation (senior author)

2009                Young Scientist Award, World Congress of Nephrology (senior author)

2009                „Signaling Breakthrough of the Year“ (Science)

2009                “European Day of Immunology” Prize (European Federation of Immunological Societies)

2007                State doctoral Prize of the Medical University of Vienna

2008                Young Investigator Award of the European Society of Organ Transplantation (Senior author)

2006                Travel Award of the of the Austrian Society of Transplantation

2005                Karl-Landsteiner Prize of the Austrian Society of Allergology and Immunology

2005                ‘Researcher of the Month’ of the Medical University of Vienna

2005                Theodor-Billroth Prize

2004                Audience Award of the Austrian Society of Nephrology

2002                Young Investigator Award (European Renal Association/European Dialysis and Transplantation Association)

2002                Abstract Prize of the German Society of Nephrology

2002                Aventis Prize (coauthor)

2001                Aventis Prize

2001                Anton-von-Eiselsberg Prize

2000                Young Investigator Award of the German Society of Nephrology

2000                Oral Presentation Prize of the Austrian Society of Allergology and Immunology


d. Manuscript and Grant Reviewer, Editorial Board Member

Nature Medicine


Journal of the American Society of Nephrology

European Journal of Clinical Investigation (Associate Editor 2002-2009, Editorial Board 2009)

Transplant International (Editorial Board 2004)

American Journal of Transplantation

American Journal of Pathology


Journal of the RAAS

BMC Medicine

Expert Opinion on Biological Therapy

American Journal of Renal Physiology

American Journal of Cellular Physiology

Nephrology Dialysis and Transplantation

BMC Nephrology

European Renal Association/European Dialysis & Transplant Association Scientific Committee

Transplant Infectious Disease

Trends in Microbiology

Molecular Medicine

Drug Discovery Today

Journal of Immunology

Molecular Immunology

Int. Archives of Allergology and Immunology

BMC Immunology

Mutation Research

The Middle European Journal of Medicine

ASAIO Journal


Hemodialysis International

IBD Hughes Research Institute (USA)

Research into Ageing (UK)

Cancer Research (UK)

State doctorate Reviewing of the Medical University of Vienna


e. Grant Support


Federally funded:

2011/2012      NIH Grant, cooperation with Prof. Akinlolu Ojo, Ann, Arbor, MI, “A Clinical Trial to prevent NODAT“, 1R01DK092475-01, PI-Europe: Study beginning December 2012, 396.808 EUR (515.850 USD)

2011-2013      Else-Kröner-Fresenius Foundation: „Proteomic analysis of HDL and Evaluation of novel biomarkers in Diabetes mellitus, rheumatoid Arthritis, chronic kidney disease and acute coronary syndrome“, 189.930 EUR

2009-2010      Jubilee Funds Austrian National Bank: “CMV and the mTOR pathway for immune evasion”, 76.000 EUR

2007-2009      Else-Kröner-Fresenius Foundation: “Regulation of innate immunity by HDL: implications and evaluation of novel therapuetic strategies in chronic kidney disease”, 198.484 EUR

2007-2008      Else-Kröner-Fresenius Foundation: “The role of Tamm-Horsfall Protein in the pathogenesis of cast nephropathy”, 152.040 EUR

2003-2005      Jubilee Funds Austrian National Bank: “JAK3 as immunosuppressive target”, 78.000 EUR


Privatly funded:

2016               Effect of SGLT-2 inhibition on the renin-angiotensin system in patients with chronic kidney disease with and without type 2 diabetes.

2012                “IVIG in CMV infection after prophylactic valgancyclovir treatment”, 66.451 EUR (Baxter)

2012                “Establishing a reno-cardial Research Cluster at the Medical University of Vienna: „HFPEF und CKD“, 20.000 EUR (Fresenius)

2012                “Study of Paracalcitol on RAS metabolites in chronic renal insufficiency”, 15.000 EUR (Abbott)

2012                “Evaluation of Aliskiren on angiotensin metabolites in nondiabetic proteinuria”, 10.000 EUR (Novartis)

2011                “Continuous glucose monitoring in post-transplant diabetes mellitus”, 17.708 EUR (NovoNordisk)

2011                “Blood Volume Regulation in Hemodialysis”, 20.000 EUR (Nikkiso)

2010-2012      “ELEVATE Study: early everolimus in renal transplantation“, 14.290 EUR                          (Novartis)

2011                “The role of mTOR during CMV infection“, 33.330 EUR (Pfizer)

2009-2011      “Everolimus as novel anti-CMV strategy”, 15.000 EUR (Novartis)

2009-2011      “Vildagliptin in new-onset diabetes mellitus after transplantation“, 10.000 EUR (Novartis)

2009-2011      “Analysis and treatment of pre-diabetes after renal transplantation “, 10.000 EUR (Takeda)

2009-2010      “Insulin treatment in stable renal transplant patients“, 10.000 EUR (Novartis)

2008-2010      “Treat-to-target trial of basal insulin in post-transplant diabetes mellitus“, 49.500 EUR (Astellas)

2008-2010      “MR-Diffusion and Tension imaging in renal transplantation”, 7.000 EUR (Astellas)

2007-2009      ”Impact of erythropoietin on innate immune cells”, 7000 EUR (Amgen)

2007-2008      “Evaluation of functional & morphological changes in patients with diabetic nephropathy”, 16.000 EUR (Amgen)

2006-2009      “Prospective, Immunogenicity Surveillance Registry (PRIMS) to Estimate the Incidence of Erythropoietin Antibody Mediated Pure Red Cell Aplasia”, 2.600 EUR (Janssen-Cilag)

2006                “Evaluation of Cinalcet Therapy“,  23.300 EUR (Amgen)


f. Commitee Memberships and Consultantshipts (selection)

2016                ERA-EDTA Scientific Committee

2015                World Congress of Nephrology 2015 Abstract Committee

2015                European Society of Transplantation (ESOT) Abstract Committee

2013-2015      ERA-EDTA Paper Selection Committee

2012                International Advisory Board on the Treatment of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex via mTOR inhibition (Novartis), Vienna

2012                Annual Meeting of the Austrotransplant Society, Rust

2012                Austrian Society of Nephrology,  Graz

2007-2011      Young Scientist Association, PhD Symposium, Vienna

2011                American Transplant Congress, Philadelphia

2010                European Congress of Immunology, Berlin

2009/10          European Advisory Board on Everolimus in Renal Transplantation (Novartis), Vienna

2008                Annual Meeting of the Austrian Society of Transplantation, Wolfgangsee, Salzburg

2007                Austrian Society of Nephrology, Mautern

2006                American Transplant Congress, San Franciso

2006                Expert Panel Review, Astellas Scientific Advisory Committee Meeting, Rome


g. Society Memberships

2008                Austrian Society of Diabetes

2006                Austrian Society of Internal Medicine

2003                European Society of Organ Transplantation

2003                International Society of Organ Transplantation

2002                Austrian Society of Nephrology (Board Member since 2010)

2002                German Society of Nephrology

1999                Austrian Society of Transplantation

1998-2004      American Society of Immunology

1995                Austrian Society of Allergology and Immunology, ÖGAI (Secretary 2007-2010)


h. Patents

11/2010     “HDL Proteome and Biomarker Kit in Chronic Kidney Disease“, No. 11164223.7


i.          Talks (selected from >30 Talks per year)

  • Invited lecture: “Overview about the current state of Post-Transplant Diabetes mellitus”, London Royal-Society of Medicine 2017

  • Invited lecture: “Post-Transplant Diabetes mellitus: Treatment options”, New Orleans, ASN 2017

  • State-of-the-art lecture: “Cholesterol metabolism in chronic kidney disease”, Vienna ERA-EDTA 2016

  • State-of-the-art lecture: “HDL in chronic kidney disease, London ERA-EDTA 2015

  • State-of-the-art lecture German Society of Nephrology, Berlin: “Diabetes treatment in chronic kidney disease”, Berlin September 2014

  • State-of-the-art lecture German Society of Nephrology, Berlin: “Post-Transplant Diabetes: the new recommendations”, Berlin September 2014

  • Invited lecture: “Basic topics of mTOR inhibition in renal transplantation”, Kidney Transplant Symposium, Tokyo 2013

  • Invited lecture: “Viral infections after renal transplantation: Focus CMV”, Eppendorf Klinikum, Hamburg 2013

  • Invited lecture: “HDL before and after renal transplantation, University of Aachen, Aachen 2013

  • Invited State-of-the-art lecture: “Tuberous Sclerosis and Angiomyolipoma: emerging treatment options”, TSC days, Frankfurt 2012

  • Invited talk: “Infections after renal transplantation”, German Nephrology Meeting, Münster 2012

  • State-of-the-art lecture: “Diabetes after renal Transplantation”, German Renal Transplant Meeting, Munich 2012

  • Invited lecture: “HDL and uremia: novel insights”, Nephrology Forum, Munich 2012

  • Invited talk: “The right ventricle and renal failure”, Austrian Cardiology Congress, Salzburg 2012

  • Invited State-of-the-art lecture: “Renal transplantation and metabolic complications”, Medical University of Hannover, Hannover 2012

  • Invited lecture: “Tuberous Sclerosis and Angiomyolipoma and mTOR inhibition”, Nordic Tuberous Sclerosis Meeting, Copenhagen 2012

  • Invited State-of-the-art lecture: “Preventing NODAT after renal transplantation”, World Congress of Transplantation, Berlin 2012

  • Invited State-of-the-art lecture: “mTOR and solid organ transplantation”, World Congress of Transplantation, Berlin 2012

  • Update “Diabetic Nephropathy“, Hämodialyseseminar, Pörtschach 2012

  • Invited lecture: “Highlights in International Nephrology”, Austrian Congress of Nephrology, Graz  2012

  • Invited lecture: “Prevention of NODAT after renal transplantation”, 14th Transplant Workshop University of Freiburg, Hinterzarten, Freiburg 2012

  • Invited lecture: “Uremia and HDL”,  Berliner Dialyseseminar, Berlin 2012

  •  “The place of mTOR within the human immune system”, TransVir Meeting Vienna 2011

  • State-of-the-art lecture: “Diabetes Management after solid organ  transplantation”, Medical University of Graz, Graz 2011

  • Invited talk: “New-onset Diabetes after Renal Transplantation”, German Nephrology Meeting, Berlin 2011

  • Key note lecture: “New-onset Diabetes after Transplantation”, Austrian Society of Internal Medicine, Innsbruck 2011

  • “Dysnatremias: Etiology and Individualized Therapy”, Austrian Physician Board, Advanced Training Course, Vienna 2011

  • Overview: “HDL and chronic kidney disease”, Austrian Hypertension and Nephrology Meeting, Gmunden 2011

  • State-of-the-art lecture: “Diabetic Nephropathy: Management after solid organ transplantation”, Heart-Kidney Meeting, Vienna 2011

  • “Gender differences in renal transplant recipients”, Gender Symposium Nephrology, Vienna 2011

  •  “Plasmapheresis therapy: what are the indications in the intensive care setting?”, Hemofiltration Meeting, Bad Ischl Upper Austria, 2010

  •  Key Note lecture: “Immunosuppression and malignancy”, International Congress of the Transplantation Society, Vancouver 2010

  • State-of-the-art lecture: “The importance of diagnosis and therapy of post-transplant hyperglycemia”, Austrian Nephrology & Hypertension Soc. Meeting, 2010

  • “Implications of mTOR biology for solid organ transplantation”, Klinikum Eppendorf, Hamburg 2010

  • State-of-the-art lecture: “Immunosuppression after malignancy”, Austrotransplant Society, Villach 2010

  • Pro-Con Session “Pancreas Transplantation for Type 2 Diabetes”, Austrotransplant Society, Villach 2010

  • State-of-the-art lecture: “Pretransplant evaluation and selection of immunosuppression”, Salzburg 2010

  • “Gender specific aspects in transplantation medicine”, Gender Symposium Nephrology, Salzburg 2010

  •  “Antagonistic mode of action of mTOR inhibition on glucocorticoids”, European Congress of Immunology, Berlin 2009

  • Key Note lecture: “Pharmacological Interactions: Insights into immunomodulation in allogeneic immunosuppression”, International Islet and Pancreas Transplantation Congress, IPITA, Venice 2009

  •  State of the art lecture: “Pathogenesis and treatment of urinary tract infection”, Austrian Society of Internal Medicine, Vienna 2009

  • “Which immunosuppressants and when for whom?”, Medical University of Graz 2009

  • “Novel Insights into immunosuppression-mediated inflammation” World Congress of Nephrology, Milano 2009

  • State-of-the-Art lecture: “Molecular Mechanisms Operative During Urinary Tract Infection”, Univ. Clinic for Nephrology, Zurich 2008

  • State-of-the-Art lecture: “Immunosuppression: now and tomorrow: an overview“, Annual meeting of the Austrotransplant Society, Salzburg 2008

  • State-of-the-Art lecture: “Innate Immunity during urinary tract Infection”, Nephrology Meeting, Berlin 2008

  • State-of-the-Art lecture: “mTOR as a regulator of innate immunity”, Advanced Targeted Therapies, Rapallo 2008

  • State-of-the-Art lecture: “The importance of macrophages and neutrophils for urinary tract infection”, Max-Delbrück Center, Charite, Berlin 2008

  • State-of-the-Art lecture: “Steroid-free Immunosuppression in Renal Transplantation”, Annual meeting of the Austrotransplant Society, Salzburg 2008

  • State-of-the-Art lecture “Impact of innate immunity on the process of allogeneic transplantation” , Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nephrologie, Essen 2006

  • “Innate immunity: the neglected arm of innate effector systems”, TX360 Symposium, Vienna 2006

  • State of the Art lecture: “Innate immunity and allogeneic transplantation” Austrian Society of Nephrology, Semmering 2006

  • State of the Art lecture: “Overview of novel immunosuppressive protocols”, NephroMeeting, Fuschl 2006

<>·Invited talk: “The mammalian target of rapamycin is a negative regulator of NF-kB in professional antigen-presenting cells: impact on innate immunity”. American Transplant Congress, San Francisco 2006

  • Invited talk: “NF-kB regulates TCR/CD3 complex recruitment into the immunological synapse”, 3rd International Congress of Immunosuppression, San Diego 2005

  • Invited talk: “Profound disruption of the Immunological Synapse Formation by the novel immunosuppressant FK778”, 3rd International Congress of Immunosuppression, San Diego 2005

  • “C2-Monitoring in renal transplantation", Transplant Conference, Vienna 2005

  • Invited talk: “The active metabolite of leflunomide A77 1726 interferes with dendritic cell function”, Keystone Symposium on Dendritic Cells, California 2005

  • Invited talk: “Initiating allograft immunity: effect of immunosuppression on evolution of the Immunological Synapse”, 5th Basic Science Congress on Transplantation, Nantes, 2005

    •  “Human monocyte-derived dendritic cells express high levels of angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE): modulation by vitamin-D and implications for renal disease”, 28.  Scientific Congress for Hypertension, Hannover 2004



j. Original articles and Reviews – peer reviewed

see > 145 articles: Hirsch-Index 28

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