1st Keto Live E-Learning Conference Speakers 

Dr Tatiana Zarubina PhD, Switzerland

IP Global Solutions

„The European Keto Live Centre“

Dr. John Schoonbee, South Africa, Switzerland

Global Chief Medical Officer at Swiss Re

“While the world is waiting for the magic bullet...”

Dr Amy McKenzie PhD, United States of America, Germany

Virta Health

“High-Risk Atherosclerosis and Metabolic Phenotype“

Ivor Cummins, Ireland

Irish Heart Disease Awareness

„Don ́t wait till it ́s too late!“
Understanding the Coronary Artery Calcium Score (CAC)

Bonus : “Vitamin D to Prevent Lockdowns and Breakdowns of our Economy and Healthcare Systems?“

Gabor Endorsi, Hungary

Meterbolic Project 

„Metabolic Profiling for Early Identification of Health Decline“

Prof Dr Ulrike Kämmerer PhD, Germany

University of Würzburg

„Do we Have to Change Nutrition and Medical Guidelines
to fight Cancer more successfully?“

Dr Jean Pierre Spinosa MD, Italy​,Switzerland

Specialist in gynecology, gynecological surgery, oncological gynecology, urogynecology, senology and anti-aging medicine.

„Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies in Cancer“

Prof Dr Barbara Kofler PhD, Austria

Paracelsus University - Hospital Salzburg

„Metabolomic Alterations Induced by Ketogenic Diet in Melanoma and Neuroblastoma“

Prof Dr Thorsten Cramer MD, Germany

University-Hospital RWTH Aachen

„Interdisciplinary Keto consultation hours at the University-Hospital RWTH Aachen“

Dr Ian Lake MD, United Kingdom

Public Health Collaboration

„Managing Type 1 Diabetes with Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies - a No-brainer?“

Dr Peter Voshol PhD, Netherlands

Louis Bolk Institute

The Dutch Miracle - „Reverse Diabetes 2 Now“

Prof Dr Marcus Säemann MD, Austria

Medical Department of Nephrology & Dialysis, Wilhelminenspital, Vienna

„Diabetes and the Kidney: New Frontiers“

Dr Adrian Soto Mota MD, Mexico, United Kingdom

University of Oxford

„The Type 3 Diabetes hypothesis“

Dr Ana Jacob MD, Romania, Switzerland

Psychiatric Department - Valais Hospital

“100 Years of Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies - not only in Epilepsy”

Prof Dr Anastasia Dressler MD, Austria

University of Vienna

„Early Admission of KMT and Breastfeeding in Epilepsy Treatment“

Dr Eline Dekeyster PhD, Belgium, Netherlands

Obtained her Phd at the Research Group Neural Circuit Development and Regeneration, KU Leuven

“We can change the future, let's start today!
How metabolic interventions can improve our neurological health”

Prof Dr Uwe Nixdorf MD, Deutschland

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
European Prevention Centre – Düsseldorf / Berlin

„Insulin Resistenz verstehen - Prevention und Behandlung von Herz & CVD“

Patricia Daly BA Hons, dipNT, mBANT, rCNHC, Schweiz, Irland

The British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine

„Ketogene Ernährung bei Krebs“

Dr Jürg Kuoni MD, Schweiz


„Was lernen unsere Ärzte über die Kraft der Ernährung -
Können wir T2D vorbeugen oder gar in Remission bringen?“

Dr Zvonko Mir MD, Kroatien, Schweiz


„Ketogene Metabolische Therapie in meiner Neurologischen und Psychiatrischen Praxis“

Anita Kunz, Nutrition Network Health Coach, Schweiz


„Ran an den Speck? Gesund, köstlich und dauerhaft Gewicht verlieren!“