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European Conference Keto Live 2020

Keto Live Project 

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proudly presents:

Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies

Escape Route from the COVID-19 Risk Group









1st Keto Live E-Learning Conference

February 2021 - February 2022

A Conference on Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies as a powerful medical tool

Part I - Conference Language English 

50 CME Credits by the Bayerische Landesärztekammer BLÄK 

(German state chambers of physicians)


Part II - Conference Language German

22 CME Credits by the Bayerische Landesärztekammer BLÄK 

(German state chambers of physicians)


Collectable for physicians in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the USA and Canada
available from February 19th 2021 till February 19th 2022


Offering the opportunity to collect 72 CME Credits in total 

if you understand both English and German and register for Part I & Part II

Still pending - to offer a wider range for medical professionals we also applied for CME / CPD Credits at:


the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education EACCME®

the Swiss Society for Medical Oncology SSMO-SGMO-SSOM

the Swiss Association for Dieticians and Nutritionists SVDE ASDD

Burghausen 2020.png
About Keto Live Conference 2020

About the Conference

The 1st Keto Live E-Learning-Conference

“Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies - Escape Route from the COVID-19 Risk Group”

1. Brief description


5. Learning success monitoring

6. Information on the technical requirements

A medical Conference on the importance of our diet and Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies as a powerful tool in the fight against NCD and thus an escape route from the COVID-19 risk group.

In recorded lectures and documentaries, leading International experts, scientists, professors and physicians present the latest scientific knowledge about the relationship between Insulin Resistance, NCD and COVID-19.

Discussing the use of Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies for the prevention and treatment of NCD, for the rapid restoration of our metabolic health and the strengthening of our immune systems.

We can prevent further economic lockdowns and make our society more resilient in a short time.

By tackling the root causes rather than just treating the symptoms, we can (and must) quickly and effectively


Flatten the NCD Curve to Counter Future Virus Attacks!

We offer

CME /CPD certified medical E-Learning-Conference


Offer schedule

Part I – Conference language English - 7 E-Learning Modules (ELM) with 3 to 4 Units/ Lectures each

Part II - Conference language German - 3 E-Learning Modules with 3 Units/ Lectures each.

the duration for each unit varies between +/- 45 - 90 minutes

plus additional +/- 15 Minutes to answer 3 CME/ CPD test questions to each unit



Continuous medical education - individual learning - at your own pace from the comfort of your home.


The E-Learning Conference and the possibility to collect CME/CPD Credits will be available from the date of the certification - for one year by the "Bayerische Landes Ärztekammer"(BLÄK), the different certifying Swiss Medical Societies and two years from the date of the accreditation by the EACCME® for 28 European Countries, the USA & Canada


Part I – English: Early Bird 460,- € Regular 545,- €

Part II - German: Early Bird 140,- € Regular 175,- €

There is a limited number of Early Bird Tickets - we continue with our Early Bird offer till all seats are booked. Hurry get registered...




The E-Learning Conference works like any regular Conference.

  • Each attendance has to buy his/her ticket to attend the Conference no matter if they like to collect CME/CPD Credits or not.

  • The Conference comprises lectures with PowerPoint presentations by different speakers, a panel discussion, and several documentaries, to deepen the topics presented.

  • The advantage of the E-Learning format, you can not only watch the Conference at your pace, choose which ever topic you like to see first. But you can also interrupt the speaker at any time, even let him/her repeat or just put the lecture on hold to fetch another coffee. Or jump back and forth between the units.

Like in our prior conferences, we carefully designed the schedule into seven E-Learning Modules (ELM) containing three to four units with attached CME/CPD questions.

  • ELM 1 - The introduction of our topic the Pandemic on Top of the Pandemic and the Connection between Insulin Resistance (IR), Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) and COVID-19. The new European Keto Live Centre - Information and Training Centre - Association for Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies (EKLC), and our fight against IR and NCD in a panel discussion and the introduction of some of our Advisory board Members including the Charlie Foundation with founder Jim Abrahams and his film "First do no Harm" celebrating the 100th Birthday of the scientific documented use of Ketogenic Therapies in the Treatment of Epilepsy in 1921

  • ELM 2 - Root causes and the urgent need to "Flatten the NCD Curve - to Face Future Viral Attacks." • ELM 3 - Heart- & Cardiovascular Diseases CVD

  • ELM 4 – Cancer

  • ELM 5 - Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes and Kidney Disease

  • ELM 6 - Psychiatric and Neurological disorders and in

  • ELM 7 - Tools to regain Metabolic Health

2. Einführung in die E-Learning-Konferenz

Die E-Learning-Konferenz funktioniert wie jede reguläre Konferenz.


Jeder Teilnehmer muss sein Ticket kaufen, um an der Konferenz teilzunehmen, unabhängig davon, ob er CME/CPD Credits sammeln möchte (s. AGB im Anhang)

Die Konferenz besteht aus Vorträgen mit PowerPoint-Präsentationen verschiedener Referenten, zwei Interviews, einem Dokudrama, einem Dokumentarfilm und Referenzlisten zu jeder Einheit um die vorgestellten Themen zu vertiefen. Der Vorteil des E-Learning-Formats besteht darin, dass Sie die Konferenz in Ihrem eigenen Tempo verfolgen und immer wenn Sie Zeit haben besuchen können. Sie können den Referenten auch jederzeit unterbrechen, ihn sogar wiederholen lassen oder den Vortrag anhalten, um sich noch einen Kaffee zu holen. Oder zwischen den Einheiten hin- und herspringen.


Wie bei unseren früheren Konferenzen haben wir das Programm sorgfältig geplant und in E-Learning-Module (ELM) aufgeteilt, die jeweils drei Vorträge mit angefügten CME/CPD Test Fragen enthalten.


  • ELM 1 - Die Pandemie über der Pandemie mit 2 Interviews

  • ELM 2 - Unsere Ernährung - Insulin Resistenz (IR) und die Folgen

  • ELM 3 - Krebs & Neurologie

  • physicians and healthcare professionals,

  • this conference is also intended to serve as the informational part of our appeal to politicians, health authorities and insurance companies.

  • This topic is of importance to all of us. We, therefore, welcome and encourage everyone interested to attend this conference.

Get informed, start thinking & act accordingly!

  • Videos with lectures / PowerPoint presentations, by leading international Experts, Scientists, Professors and Physicians.

  • Panel with members of the EKLC Medical Advisory Board

  • Documentations & Film

  • Three step CME/ CPD Questionnaire after each unit

  • Reference lists - PDF with activated links that lead to studies, articles and books for each unit.

The 3 step CME/ CPD Questionnaire after each unit - containing one Question per step, each with 3 to 4 possible answers. Each of the questions offering two attempts to rethink or watching the lecture again or reading the references before answering for the second time.

Thanks to responsive design, the Coursepath-E-Learning-Platform and our conference, is accessible on all internet- enabled devices, like your

  • Computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone

  • You also need an internet connection

  • a modern browser such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari • and your password for access

2. Introduction to the E-Learning Conference

3. Target group and required prior knowledge

4. Overview of learning and support materials


How to collect CME /CPD Credits at the E-Learning Conference

Conference Live or Digital

7. After each of our Units - the Panel, the Lectures, the Film & Documentaries you find tree questions.

  • Each Question offers 3 sometimes 4 possible answers.

  • To earn the CME/ CPD Credits/Points of that unit all the 3 questions have to be answered correct.

  • We offer two attempts to pick the right answer - so you still get time to rethink, go back to the lecture or the references

  • if one of the 3 Questions is wrong you only lose the Credits for this particular unit - so don't give up still a lot of Credits to earn...

  • On request your CME/CPD Certificate (PDF) will be sent to you via E-Mail. Once you finished all the required questions, your personal scores will be proven and signed by our medical supervisor for this Conference        Dr Suzan Oruc MD and her assistant Dr Ernst Spindler PhD.

  • Each unit is certified with credits by the different societies or medical cambers, relevant for different countries. The Credits to earn will be shown next to the unit. We will keep you on track once we received all certifications or any news on that matter.

  • We try to get certifications for as many Countries as possible at present Keto Live Project offers Continuous Medical Education Credits for Physicians and Continuous Professional Development Credits for Dietitians, Nutritionists and Medical Professionals in: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Armenia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Finland, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Regione Lombardia, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Tunisia, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA & Canada

  • It is the responsibility of the attendee to adhere to the CME /CPD requirements of his/her licensing board and to ensure these credits will be approved before registering for the conference. Keto Live Project cannot provide this information to attendees.

You will have time to earn your Credits/Points for

  • one year after the Conference was certified from the BLÄK and the different Swiss medical Societies for Germany, Austria and Switzerland

  • for two years after accreditation by the EACCME®

8. Content support / Contact

Keto Live Project - Josephine Barbarino E-Mail:


9. Technical Support / Contact

Matthias Hochwimmer E-Mail:

10. Availability of the Conference

  • 1 year from certification of the conference by the Bavarian Medical Association BLÄK and the Swiss Medical Societies.

  • 2 years from certification by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education          EACCME@- UEMS.

  • The Coursepath-E platform should be available 24 hours a day throughout the year. Exceptions are technical malfunctions or maintenance work - should we be aware of these, all participants will be informed immediately. Please note our attached General Terms and Conditions (AGB)


Speackers 2020

Confirmed Speakers:


PStS Stephan Mayer, MdB Germany

Parliamentary state secretary to the federal minister of the interior 

"The Elephant in the Room and the European Keto Live Centre” 


Dr Tatiana Zarubina PhD, Switzerland

IP Global Solutions

„The European Keto Live Centre“

3.Jim Abrahams.jpg

Jim Abrahams, United States of America

The Charlie Foundation

„A compelling review of the history of how his family found the ketogenic diet, its effect on his son, the mission of the Charlie Foundation

and the new applications that have emerged“ 

Dr John Schoonbee.jpg

Dr. John Schoonbee MD, South Africa, Switzerland

Swiss Re

"Flatten the NCD Curve to Face Future Viral Attacks"

Panel with Advisory Board Members of the European Keto Live Centre

Ivor Cummins BE(Chem), CEng MIEI, Ireland, Dr. Adrian Stoto Mota MD, Mexico,            and Prof. Dr. Marcus Säemann MD, Wihelminen Spital Vienna, Austria

Thorsten Cramer .jpg

Prof Dr Thorsten Cramer MD, Germany

University-Hospital RWTH Aachen

„Interdisciplinary Keto consultation hours at the University-Hospital RWTH Aachen“

Diet Doctor pic.PNG

Ivor Cummins BE(Chem), CEng MIEI, Ireland

Irish Heart Disease Awareness

“Vitamin D to Prevent Lockdowns and Breakdowns of our Economy and Healthcare Systems?“ 

„Don ́t wait till it ́s too late!“ Understanding the Coronary Artery Calcium Score (CAC) 

Dr Amy McKenzie PhD.jpg

Dr Amy McKenzie PhD, United States of America, Germany

Virta Health

“High-Risk Atherosclerosis and Metabolic Phenotype“

Gábor Erdorsi.png

Gabor Endorsi, Hungary

Meterbolic Project

„Metabolic Profiling for Early Identification of Health Decline“

The British Association for Nutrition an

Patricia Daly BA Hons, dipNT, mBANT, rCNHC,

Schweiz, Irland

The British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine

„Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies in Cancer Treatment“

„Ketogene Ernährung bei Krebs“

10.Prof Thomas Seyfried.png

Prof Thomas Seyfried, United States of America 

Boston College

„Cancer as a Metabolic Disease“

„Press -Pulse a Novel Therapeutic Strategy for the Metabolic Treatment of Cancer“

Dr Ian Lake MD.png

Dr Ian Lake MD, United Kingdom

Type 1 Keto 

"Rethinking Nutrition in Type 1 Diabetes - zerofive100 Project"


Dr Peter Voshol PhD, Netherlands

Louis Bolk Institute

„The Dutch Miracle - Reverse Diabetes 2 Now“


Prof Dr Marcus Säemann MD, Austria

Medical Department of Nephrology & Dialysis, Wilhelminenspital, Vienna

„Diabetes and the Kidney: New Frontiers“

Dr Adrian Soto Mota MD.png

Dr Adrian Soto Mota MD, Mexico, United Kingdom

University of Oxford

„The Type 3 Diabetes hypothesis“

15.Dr Georgia Ede MD.png

Dr Georgia Ede MD, United States of America

Neuropsychiatric & Neurodegenerative Diseases

“Understanding Food and the Brain - Nutritional Psychiatry offers new Treatment Options for Mental Health Disorders"

Dr Eline Dekeyster PhD.JPG

Dr Eline Dekeyster PhD, Belgium, Netherlands

Obtained her Phd at the Research Group Neural Circuit Development and Regeneration, KU Leuven

“We can change the future, let's start today!

How metabolic interventions can improve our neurological health”


Dorian Greenow, UK, United States of America

Keto Mojo 

“Empowering the Patient & Giving Doctors the Tools for Success”

Beth Zupec-Kania.jpg

Beth Zupec-Kania, RDN, CD – Consultant,

United States of America

The Charlie Foundation 

"About the variations in Ketogenic Diet Therapies & the different applications based on the degree of scientific medical evidence"

Josephine Barbarino.png

Josephine Barbarino, Germany

Keto Live Project

Dr Susanne Zimmer Interview zum "European Keto Live Centre"                                    Ketogene Ernährung im Kampf gegen NCD

Prof. Dr. Helene von Bibra Interview "Die Pandemie über der Pandemie"                          Insulin Resistenz - gibt es einen Fluchtweg aus der COVID-19 Risiko Gruppe?

Charlie Foundation.jpeg

100 Jahre Keto - „Weil es noch Hoffnung gibt“ - Spielfilm

Charlie Foundation

mit Meryl Streep, Fred Ward, Seth Adkins - Regie Jim Abrahams 


Dr Jürg Kuoni MD, Schweiz

„Was lernen unsere Ärzte über die Kraft der Ernährung -

Können wir T2D vorbeugen oder gar in Remission bringen?“ 


Anita Kunz, Nutrition Network Health Coach, Schweiz

„Ran an den Speck? Gesund, köstlich und dauerhaft Gewicht verlieren!“

Von Bibra.png

Prof. Dr. med. Helene von Bibra

Mind Carb

Herzinsuffizienz (HFpEF) und Ihre Determinante Insulinresistenz

Dr Zvonko Mir MD,.png

Dr Zvonko Mir MD, Kroatien, Schweiz


„Ketogene Metabolische Therapie in meiner Neurologischen und Psychiatrischen Praxis“

the Conference is brought to you by

European Keto-Live Center

European Keto Live Centre - Information & Training Centre -

Association for Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies

The foundation for the European Keto Live Centre (EKLC) –

was laid at the first Keto Live Conference in Switzerland, June 2019 by thirty-two founding members.

Representing experts like Georgia Ede and Prof Thomas Seyfried from the USA as well as international physicians, scientists and specialists forming our Advisory Board now already uniting 8 European Countries, the USA, South Africa, Australia & Mexico.

Registered in Burghausen Bavaria at the Registry-Court the EKLC acts as an association which aims to connect and gather, organize and provide access to medically sound, first-hand information and training from leading scientists and experts in the field of Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies for use by physicians, allied healthcare practitioners, naturopaths, nutritionists, dietitians, parents, educators and caregivers. For everyone concerned about the chronic disease now forming the COVID-19 risk group!

We will take the opportunity of the Conference to officially announce the European Keto Live Centre with an introductory panel by our Advisory Board Members Dr John Schoonbee MD, Dr Adrian Soto MD, PhD, Ivor Cummins and Prof Dr Marcus Seämann MD discussing the burning topic and outlook of hope to

"Flatten the NCD Curve - to Face Future Viral Attacks!"

Followed by a lecture on the economic side of NCD, future lockdowns by Dr Tatiana Zarumbina., Expert for International Taxes and IP introducing the EKLC and more Members of our Medical Advisory Board.

panel with John Schoonbee.png

Panel discussion in Bergün 2019 with EKLC Founding Members:
Dr Jean Pierre Spinosa MD, Dr John Schoonbee MD, Dr Georgia Ede MD and Prof Thomas Seyfried PhD (and guest Prof Dr Helene von Bibra MD 2nd left)

For more information about the Centre, our association and our projects please read our position paper (attached)

or contact Josephine via E-Mail

Follow the scienence – join us for the 1st Keto Live E-Learning Conference from Burghausen

11. Learning objectives

a) Is there an escape route from the COVID-19 risk group? Participants will gain insight and medically sound information on:

  • The power of our diet in both positive and negative ways

  • The link between Insulin Resistance (IR), Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) and COVID-19

  • The use of Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies as a powerful medical tool in the fight against NCD and

  • The restoration of our metabolic health and thus our immune system.

  • The role of vitamin D in our immune system/ COVID-19.

  • How can we minimize the COVID-19 risk group to better withstand future viral attacks and avoid lockdowns?

  • The role of insulin & IR in the development of NCD

  • Prevention, early detection & monitoring - test, test, test - for IR, the CAC Score, the GKI and more

  • detecting and treating the root causes instead of managing the symptoms

  • Heart- and CVD

  • Cancer

  • Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes, Kidney Disease

  • Psychiatric and Neurological & Neurodegenerative Diseases

  • What exactly is Ketogenic Metabolic Therapy and what are the forms of application?

b) Coordination of the learning objectives with any face-to-face events

  • As soon as the COVID-19 meeting & travel restrictions are relaxed or lifted, further conferences and seminars on the topics covered are planned as training, development and supplementary courses.

c) Ensure the accessibility of content to the formulated learning objectives

  • The reference lists of literature and studies suggested by the respective lecturers offer a comprehensive source of further information and in-depth learning content, attached to each unit as PDF files (by downloading the links get activated)

12. Information on the didactic implementation of the learning objectives

a) Alignment of the contents with the learning objectives

  • All e-learning modules (ELM) are coordinated with the respective headings/topics in the sequence according to the learning objectives and the resulting questions.

  • As with our Face to Face Conferences, the welcoming overview and introduction to the overarching theme is followed by the ELMs focused on the 4 main NCD themes

  • Heart & CVD

  • Cancer

  • Diabetes

  • Psychiatric and Neurological Diseases

structured according to the occurrence of NCD with increasing Insulin Resistance (

b) Measurability of the achievement of learning objectives


  • immediate control by the participant with the CME/ CPD Test Questionnaire

c) Coordination of learning objectives and methods

  • With the selection of highly qualified international experts, scientists and physicians as lecturers, the recording of the lectures, the reference lists and the possibility to contact the lecturers by e-mail - we tried to come as close as possible to the classic conference as a proven means of continuing medical education

d) Achieving the learning objectives in the envisaged timeline.

The workload/time required to seven ELM with 3-4 contributions each plus questions corresponds to

  • a four-day classical face-to-face conference.

  • In the case of the e-learning conference, the participant can organize his or her own time to cope with the learning workload. Depending on the time of booking and the CME /CPD certification, one can thus take up to one or two years to learn and earn all offered CME/ CPD Credits.

  • We will keep you update with the accreditation news - please check dates carefully.

  • It is the responsibility of the attendee to adhere to the CME /CPD requirements of his/her licensing board and to ensure these credits will be approved before registering for the conference. Keto Live Project cannot provide this information to attendees.

13. appropriate text (content quantity, style)

All speakers are professionally highly qualified with many years of experience in the creation and presentation of didactically relevant, scientific content.

14. appropriate media-technical quality

  • Since the recording of COVID-19 had to take place partly at the lecturers' home offices, the quality of the videos can vary.

  • Through post-processing, we have tried to ensure the best available quality of each contribution.

  • We have embedded all videos of the lectures in the highest possible resolution - depending on your internet connection, this may lead to waiting times when uploading.

  • For watching the film and the documentaries you will be redirected automatically to Vimeo in order to provide better quality.

15. accessibility of the content

  • After successfully completing the payment process, you will receive your personal link for immediate access to the conference you booked

  • Attention! You waive your legally guaranteed 14-day right of withdrawal as soon as you have logged into the conference with your personal link.  

      Please note our terms and conditions in the appendix and on

  • If you waive your right of withdrawal, you can start immediately.

  • Otherwise, you have to wait for the 14 days period.

  • Table of Contents Sitemap and Learning Path Proposal are Identical and easy to use.

  • You can change your navigation language by clicking on the language-icon right in the middle at the bottom end of the page

  • Reference list and CV of the respective lecturer can be found as an attachment to each unit. Also attached to each unit you will find the three-step CME/CPD Test-Questionnaire.

Further details on availability can be found under point 10.

Registration & Access

Terms and Conditions E-Learning

General Terms and Conditions (AGB)

Terms and Conditions of seinodernichtsein GmbH for

Keto Live E-Learning-Conferences

Please note - this document was translated from German into English. Although we make every effort to ensure that translations are accurate in meaning, it is nevertheless possible that the translation or interpretation of certain terms and passages of text may be inconsistent with seinodernichtsein intended purpose. For this reason, seinodernichtsein accepts no responsibility for incorrect, contradictory, incomplete or otherwise incorrectly translated documents. In the event of any inconsistency between (the interpretation of certain terms or passages in) this translated document and the original German document, the German version shall prevail at all times.

1. General:

Welcome to Keto Live Project!

1.1   The offer provided by Seinodernichtsein GmbH (hereinafter referred to as SONS) with its registered office at                      Stadtplatz 116, in 84489 Burghausen, Germany, can be accessed at It is an E-Learning-Conference for Continuous Medical Education CME and Continuous Professional Development CPD set up on the Coursepath E-Learning-Platform in a certified E-learning format certified/accredited by professional/ medical chambers (e.g. Bavarian Medical Association BLÄK) or other international associations (e.g. EACMME®) for various professional groups (e.g. physicians and medical professionals, nutritionists and dietitians) and all other interested users (hereinafter referred to as E-Learning- Conference). Coursepath Privacy Policy

1.2   The SONS offer is marked as chargeable.

1.3   Payment is processed via registration with Courspath and then directly via the payment service


1.4   The contractual partner of the participant/user is seinodernichtsein GmbH in Germany, German law applies.

The place of jurisdiction is the registered office of seinodernichtsein GmbH, Burghausen.

2. Scope of Application

2.1   These General Terms and Conditions apply exclusively. General terms and conditions of the customer shall not apply and are hereby excluded. Customer's contractual terms and conditions shall not become part of the contract even if SONS does not expressly object to them.

2.2   SONS provides its users/participants with Keto Live E-Learning-Conferences on topics relevant to Continous Medical Education (CME) and Continous Professional Development (CPD) in a wide range of areas. SONS reserves the right to update, change or correct the content provided at any time.

2.3   These E-Learning-Conferences entitle the Participant/User to acquire CME/CPD credits or evidence of continuing education hours. The Keto Live E-Learning-Conferences are valid for one year from the date of certification by the responsible bodies in Germany and Switzerland or two years in the case of EACCME® certification.

3. Conclusion of contract/registration

3.1   Each user/participant may only register once. In doing so, the participant/user undertakes to provide the data required for registration completely and truthfully. SONS must be notified of any changes without delay.


3.2   This is personal access. The Keto Live E-Learning-Conference is restricted to this user/participant only and a specific period (within one year of CME/ CPD certification within Germany and Switzerland and two years by the accreditation of the EACCEM® and its participating countries). The user/participant may not pass on the password for his/her access and thus the opportunity to attend the SONS E-Learning-Conference to third parties, neither to family members nor to colleagues.


3.3   By registering and booking on, coursepath the Customer agrees to the validity of these General Terms and Conditions and thus submits a binding offer to conclude a contract.


3.4   The contractual relationship concerning the use of chargeable services provided by SONS comes into effect through agreement to the General Terms and Conditions, the respective acceptance by SONS and receipt of payment. The e-learning conference will then be activated immediately and the participant/user can complete the e-learning conference without delay.


3.5   SONS reserves the right to reject the participant's/user's offer without giving reasons.

4. Availability

4.1   For the use/participation in the Keto Live E-Learning-Conference, any Internet-accessible device, (e.g. computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone) and a current Internet browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari) with the minimum levels of operating systems (e.g. Windows 7 or higher, Mac OS 10.7 or higher) to display PDF and videos are required. The user/participant must create the technical requirements for the use of the service himself. Any costs incurred in this connection shall be borne by the participant/user.


4.2   SONS shall Endeavour to provide permanent access to the e-learning conferences. However, availability at all times is not guaranteed. In particular, access may be temporarily restricted for technical reasons due to maintenance and/or repair work. SONS shall inform users in good time of the performance of planned work and its scope through a notice on its E-Learning platform.

5. Access to the E-Learning Conference

5.1   Access to the Keto Live E-Learning-Conference is generally password-protected through remote data transmission using the access data allocated to the customer.


5.2   The access data are only valid for one user.

5.3   The customer is obliged to keep the access data and passwords secret and to prevent unauthorized use of the e-learning conference by third parties.


5.4   In the event of misuse SONS is entitled to block access.


5.5   Customer shall be liable for any misuse for which he is responsible.


5.6   In the event of further development of software platforms and other technical developments of the system by SONS, it is the responsibility of the customer to independently take the necessary adaptation measures for the software and hardware used by the customer the following information from SONS.

6. contents and term

6.1   The content accessible to the customer within the framework of the e-L-Conference is speci/ed in the table of contents, from which the agreed nature of the conference content is also derived.



6.2   The e-learning conference shall be available to the customer within the year for which the CME/CPD certi/cation is valid, irrespective of the date of conclusion of the contract.


6.3   The contract ends automatically at the end of the CME/CPD certi/cation validity period.

7. Remuneration / Terms of Payment

7.1   For invoicing purposes, the relevant prices - including statutory value-added tax - on the website at the time of the order are relevant.

7.2   If the participant/user has not used all training hours or training points by the end of the contract, these lose their validity based on the "use-them-or-lose-them" principle and expire. The participant/user will not be reimbursed for unused points.


7.3   Payments, for the registration to the Keto Live E-Learning-Conference must be made in advance in each case.


7.4   Payment is necessary for the contract to come into force. For booking and contract conclusion, participants/users are automatically redirected to the platform of Coursepath. Via Coursepath the payment service Mollie is activated and the participant/user can pay by the accepted payment possibilities (e.g. Mastercard, Visa, American Express direct debit or Paypal)


7.5   SONS-and Courspath use the services of Mollie only for the processing of transactions and in this context share personal data of the User/Participant with Mollie. The requirements of the Basic Data Protection Regulation are guaranteed.


7.6   After successful payment, receipt of the data from this payment platform, access to the Keto Live E-Learning Conference - the access link - will be sent automatically to the registered participant/user and activated for instant access (please note the objection period 8.).

8. Right of objection

8.1   The participant/user may revoke his/her contractual declaration within fourteen days in writing. The participant/user must take note of the GTC (AGB) before placing the order.
The revocation period begins with the date of the order, i.e. receipt of payment.


8.2   In the event of an effective revocation, the mutually received services have to get returned.


8.3   However, the right of withdrawal does not apply if and as soon as the user/participant has started using the e-learning conference by logging in to the Keto Live E-Learning-Conference on the Coursepath platform using their link provided by SONS before the withdrawal period has expired

9. Liability / Limitation of Liability / Certification

9.1   Medical Advice Disclaimer
The Information provided by seinodernichtsein GmbH, the Keto Live Project e.V. or by the European Keto Live Centre - Information and Training Centre for Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies
is not implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, it is provided for educational purposes only - for both alike medical professionals and patients. You assume the full responsibility for how you choose to use this information. Be aware that "Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies" are a powerful medical tool. Do not start such therapy on your own - especially not if you already have a medical condition or take any kind of medication. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare providers before starting any new treatment or discontinuing an existing treatment. Talk with your healthcare provider about any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. All medical information on the treatment of NCD, on our Website, in our Conferences, interviews, handouts or books is intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment by physicians, nutritionists or dietitians trained in Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies only. Patients should use these contents as important information to start an informed conversation with their doctors and healthcare providers. To enable them to make a clear and conscientious decision about their health and treatments.


9.2   The Keto Live E-Learning-Conference is conducted by qualified lecturers, physicians and scientists. Before publication, the E-Learning-Conference goes through a certification process of the responsible international chambers (e.g. BLÄK, EACCME®). Should there be a reason for complaint, please send an E-mail to with your complaint, SONS will make every effort to correct the service to your satisfaction.


9.3   SONS accepts no liability for damage caused by force majeure, riots, acts of war, pandemics or natural disasters or other events for which it is not responsible.


9.4   SONS does not guarantee that the use of the content, of the contributions, does not infringe the property rights or copyrights of third parties. The provider is not aware of any such rights to date.

10. Term / Termination

10.1   The agreed Keto Live E-Learning-Conference has a fixed term following clause 1. (3).


10.2   Upon termination of the term, the contract ends automatically.

10.3   The right of each party to extraordinary termination for good cause remains unaffected.

11. Data protection / Rights

11.1   SONS shall treat the User's/Participant's data confidentially and observe the relevant data protection regulations. All information on the subject of data protection is listed in the data protection declaration.


11.2   The content provided by SONS is protected by copyright.


11.3   The user/participant shall not be granted any ownership or exploitation rights to the content or programs provided.


11.4   SONS reserves all rights resulting therefrom, in particular the right to reprint, translate, reproduce by photomechanical or similar means, store and process with the aid of EDP or distribute in computer networks - including excerpts.

12. Final provisions / Collateral agreements

12.1   Should one or more provisions of this contract are or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. In this case, the statutory provisions shall apply.


12.2   If SONS waives enforcement of these General Terms and Conditions in an individual case, this shall not be deemed an amendment of the same.


12.3   Verbal collateral agreements do not exist. Supplementary or deviating agreements must be in writing to be valid.




Status: January 31, 2021, Burghausen, seinodernichtsein GmbH.
These GTCs (AGB) apply in their current version, updated and available on the Keto Live Project



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